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As part of ProtectED’s mission to create, supply, and execute school safety plans, we provide free consultations with our expert epidemiologist, Dr. Fay Lin.  Dr. Lin is an extremely qualified surgeon, epidemiologist, and educator.  Dr. Lin received her A.B. in Physics from Harvard University and her medical degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Lin has her Master’s of Science in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  Dr. Lin has also trained in internal medicine at Columbia University and in cardiovascular surgery at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center.  Dr. Lin is currently an Assistant Professor at the Cornell University medical school.  Dr. Lin will help provide schools with the knowledge and plans they need to equip their schools to reopen safely and with confidence.

As part of an annual contract with ProtectED, every school is guaranteed a free consultation with Dr. Lin to help create and/or advise on their school safety plan.