Our children deserve clean air.

We’re on a mission to help schools provide safer, healthier environments for learning and play.

Get Cleaner Air In:

School air quality matters more than ever.

Student and Faculty

Health & Attendance

Diseases and allergens carried in poor quality air cause sickness and absenteeism.


Cognition & Attention

Contaminated air decreases students’ ability to focus and concentrate.



Frequent absences and lowered cognition affect test scores and overall performance.

NanoStrikeTM is scientifically-proven protection from unhealthy air.

NanoStrike is the medical-grade technology at the heart of the Novaerus Protect900W. This portable, no-maintenance, whisper-quiet air disinfection system is providing noticeable air quality improvements in schools and classrooms across the U.S.

Eliminates & Protects Against:

Airborne Viruses



Mold & Spores

Odors & VOCs

School Districts Protected By NanoStrike
Dr. Bobby Ott

Temple Independent School District

About Protect|ED

Protect|ED is a team of healthcare, education and manufacturing professionals who have come together to support and empower K-12 school communities to provide safe and healthy learning environments. As a trusted partner to school districts around the country, Protect|ED works with those who share our commitment to improving the air students, teachers and school leaders breathe every day.