We Make Safe Possible

For Schools

We partner with schools on safely returning to in-building learning and activities. By identifying and supplying the specific measures, personal protective equipment, and sanitization and disinfection solutions needed to form customized safety plans that prioritize the safety of students, teachers and staff.

For Families

We provide families peace of mind by offering personal protection products for children that truly fit. Protect|ED’s products are specially designed to fit both primary and intermediary-aged children, which ensures better protection from others and better protection for the child.

Featured Safety Products​

Children’s Face Masks

Our children’s face masks are appropriately sized, protective, and comfortable, so younger kids will wear them for longer periods. Developed using facial structure mapping, Protect|ED masks ensure a proper fit and the best level of safety.

Primary Students


Intermediate Students


Our Story

Functioning as a social enterprise, the founders of ProtectED seek to use their expertise to help better their community and promote a safe return to school.  As parents first, we have seen the toll virtual learning has had on the educational engagement of local yout

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Community Impact

Protect|ED’ s primary goal is to help students return to school. With many students sent home due to COVID-19, they were unable to continue their education. This has created even more inequity in the American education system. Many underprivileged Americans are deprived of an education and end up impoverished, incarcerated, involved in drug abuse, and other poor circumstances. As professionals in the field of education, with decades of experience in public school districts, we know that many of these problems begin with a lack of education and poor childhood circumstances.