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Video Testimonials

Inclusive wellness at Tates creek elementary

Fayette County public schools

Dr. Demetrus Liggins

Superintendent, Fayette County Public Schools

Dr. Eric Wright

Superintendent, Hays CISD

Luane Porter

Assistant Principal, Fort Stockton ISD

Dr. Devin Padavil

Superintendent, Georgetown ISD

Dr. Bobby Ott

Superintendent, Temple ISD

Jeff Dillon

Superintendent, Wilder School District

Dr. Tory Hill

Superintendent, Channelview Independent School District

Jim Nichols

Chief HR & Operations Officer, Indian Hill School District

Amy Campa

2nd Grade Teacher, Indian Hill Primary School

Kirk Koennecke

CEO/Superintendent, Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

Dan Leffingwell

Superintendent, Noble Local School District

Additional Feedback on NanoStrike™

In my 17 years as a superintendent, installing the NanoStrike districtwide has been one decision appreciated by all. Even more than a month after installation, I had a staff member tell me that she has never felt physically better while at work after 35 years working for the district.

Michael Wetherbee

Cairo-Durham Central School District NY

We put the unit to the test in a building that was built in the late 1800’s, and the NanoStrike removed that musty scent within hours.

Tim Savoy

Chief Communications Officer

Fort Stockton ISD saw dramatic improvements in our attendance increasing.

Gil-Rey Madrid

Deputy Superintendent
Fort Stockton ISD

The investment in air disinfection systems is an investment on the overall health and well-being of all students and staff, in every building and every classroom.

PJ Giamanco

Assistant Superintendent
Bridgeport ISD

The well-being of our student athletes is such an important part of our athletics program at Indian Hill. Families need to trust that our athletic facilities are safe and healthy. We want to take away that worry for them. Clean air leads to safer spaces. In the past, MRSA and Staph were significant risks. Since installing NanoStrike, there have been no instances of these infections.

Brian Phelps

Director of Athletics
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

ProtectED made the entire process seamless for our team.  They are the best of the best at what they do – keeping our kids and staff safe and healthy.

Kirk Koennecke

Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

To this day, we never had a COVID-19 case that spread across staff at Region 13 based on our tracking. We also feel that staff attendance has been much better than in previous years without the air systems. I have thoroughly enjoyed our connection with ProtectED as we have always received great service.  They are quick to respond and will treat the client with the utmost respect.  If you are looking for an air system for your schools, you cannot go wrong with ProtectED.

Rich Elsasser, Ed.D.

Executive Director
Region 13 Education Service Center

As school leader and a parent of three students in our school district, it’s important for me to know we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our students while they are in our care. We are proud to be leading the way by partnering with ProtectED.

Dr. Kevin C. Roberts, Jr.

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