Air Disinfection & Purification for:

Auditoriums & Cafeterias

Better air quality and odor reduction for engaged gatherings throughout your school.

Create healthier shared spaces with NanoStrike™’s air disinfection and purification technology.

Auditoriums and cafeterias are a school’s social and cultural hubs. Poor air quality can put a damper on merriment and coughs and sneezes can cause illness to spread rapidly. NanoStrike™ enhances these common areas by improving overall air quality, eliminating allergens and protecting students, faculty and guests so your school can be at its best.

Eliminates & Protects Against:

Airborne Viruses



Mold & Spores

Odors & VOCs

“The pandemic sort of was that catalyst to really get people thinking about indoor air quality a little harder. Our district aims to be proactive as we think of creative solutions to keep kids and staff safe and in the classroom.”

Max Cleaver

Chief Operations Officer

NanoStrike™ devices quietly and innocuously work while your school day carries on.

The portable, wall-mountable NanoStrike systems were built to do their jobs while staying conveniently out of the way. By placing several units in large spaces, your school can create a protective barrier against airborne disease-spreading bacteria and viruses while also eliminating offensive odors in places where students and families congregate most.

Benefits for Auditoriums and Cafeterias:

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