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There are many tools available to schools to help reduce indoor air contamination but only the WellAir Protect 900W with NanoStrike technology has been trusted by leading health care systems globally for over 10 years. Now this medical-grade power is available for schools.

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Our patented technology doesn’t just filter harmful airborne viruses and bacteria… it destroys them at the DNA level.

NanoStrike™ technology was developed by a team of scientists and engineers whose goal was to create a single device to inactivate and destroy airborne pathogens at the cellular level. NanoStirke™ works by inactivating proteins that make up viruses, bacteria and fungi which stops them from spreading and regenerating. This technology was put through its paces in the health care world for over 10 years before making its way to the classroom by Protect|ED.


Silent but effective, NanoStrike™ operates at sound levels barely above a whisper – keeping students focused on schoolwork.

NanoStrike™ units feature an innovative dual-speed fan that keeps sound output to a minimum. Students and school faculty won’t notice the sound, but they’ll definitely notice the difference in air quality.


Its slim form and <10lb weight means NanoStrike™ easily adapts to every school’s unique room and building layouts.

A big benefit of NanoStrike’s small footprint is the ease with which the unit blends into its surroundings. At less than 10 lbs, the unit can be conveniently wall-mounted to keep students and faculty protected, and is easily movable.


School budgets are tight so the NanoStrike™ is designed for maximum protection at the lowest energy costs possible.

NanoStrike™ units are extremely energy efficient with devices requiring less energy than a 14-watt light bulb. NanoStrike™ offers the lowest cost of ownership of any existing air purification technology.

NanoStrike™ in Action

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TESTIMONIAL: Noble Local SChool District

NanoStrike™ is the clear winner against other air quality solutions

Technology Burst Cell of Pathogen Kills Mold Spores Prevents Antimicrobial Resistance Effective to <1 nm Safe / Nontoxic Low Total Cost of Ownership Quiet
Bipolar Ionization
HEPA Filtration
VOC Filtration




Frequently Asked Questions

By improving air quality, schools are better able to keep kids learning in the classroom. By reducing the risk for illness, absenteeism will diminish, having a positive impact on academic performance. Further, additional ventilation in the classroom led to a direct increase of 11 points on math tests as well as an increase in word recognition by 15 percent. (Park, 2016/Bako ‘Biro’ et al, 2011.) Researchers also observed a 5 percent decrement in the “power of attention” in poorly ventilated classrooms.

The WellAir Protect 900W with NanoStrike™ Technology eliminates germs commonly found in school buildings including influenza, norovirus, cold viruses, strep, SARS-CoV-2 and more. In addition, the system eliminates dust, soot, pollen and other contaminants known to exacerbate asthma and allergies, which is a significant issue for many school-aged children.

Developed by a team of scientists and engineers over a decade ago, NanoStrike™ utilizes multiple concurrent processes that rapidly kill and deactivate harmful airborne microorganisms. NanoStrike™ destroys the DNA and protein that make up nanosized viruses, bacteria and fungi. This stops viruses from spreading and bacterial and fungal spores from reproducing.

The unit is slim and lightweight at only 10 pounds and can be easily mounted on a wall. It’s portable, requiring no installation costs. NanoStrike™ uses a small amount of energy, less than a standard household lightbulb, and requires no maintenance. While it comes with a seven-year warranty, its effectiveness does not degrade over time. It also is extremely quiet and will not disrupt the learning environment. 

One NanoStrike™ unit will easily cover 1,300 square feet, circulating the air in its entirety every 45 minutes. Large spaces such as cafeterias and libraries will require additional units depending on the overall square footage.

Student athletic facilities are often a breeding ground for MRSA and other staph infections and are often plagued with lingering odors. The NanoStrike™ units eradicate these foul smells by killing harmful microorganisms in addition to ensuring extracurricular activities are able to continue while keeping student athletes and spectators safe.

Filters help, but they do not do enough to protect the wellbeing of our young people. MERV filters and other HVAC filters only trap micro-organisms such as allergens. The pathogens are still alive and harmful to humans. They do not destroy hazardous air particles. NanoStrike™ is the perfect complement to HVAC filters.

While there are several technologies that capture pathogens, such as allergens, on the market, there are very few that actually eliminate harmful micro-organisms. NanoStrike™ does not emit anything into the air like other products. Rather, it kills airborne pathogens and is trusted by world-renowned medical institutions including the Cleveland Clinic that uses NanoStrike™ in their surgical pathology labs.

While the pandemic may wane, the need for better air quality in our schools remains. The NanoStrike™ system defends against highly dangerous mold spores along with other germs commonly found in school buildings including influenza, norovirus, cold viruses, strep and more. More than 60 clinical and lab studies show NanoStrike™ reduces certain viruses and pathogens up to 99.99 percent after 45 minutes.

Schools can tap into the federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER.) This new funding was put in place to help school districts safely reopen and to address significant learning loss as a result of the pandemic. With indoor air quality improvements as an allowable expense, this is the ideal time for schools to take a proactive approach to protecting the health and wellbeing of students.

The unit is slim, lightweight and can be easily mounted on a wall with just two screws. It’s portable, requiring no installation costs. Click here to download the NanoStrike™ instruction manual.

NanoStrike™ comes with a seven-year warranty, although its effectiveness does not degrade over time.

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We’re ready to prove to you that NanoStrike™ offers the most protection and best value for your students, faculty and staff. Federal ESSER funds are available to make the upgrade. We’ll even help you get started.