Air Disinfection & Purification for:

Athletic Facilities

Achieve optimal athletic performance while reducing odors in your school athletics facilities.

Disinfect and purify the air where your student athletes and coaches need it most.

Athletic facilities like locker rooms, gyms, weight rooms, wrestling facilities and indoor training areas are places where energy is exerted and catching your breath is crucial. Help your athletes perform their best with clean, purified air that will keep them healthy, alert and focused.

Eliminates & Protects Against:

Airborne Viruses



Mold & Spores

Odors & VOCs

“The well-being of our student athletes is such an important part of our athletics program at Indian Hill. Families need to trust that our athletic facilities are safe and healthy. We want to take away that worry for them. Clean air leads to safer spaces. In the past, MRSA and Staph were significant risks. Since installing NanoStrike, there have been no instances of these infections.”

Brian Phelps

Director of Athletics
Indian Hill Exempted Village School District

Defeat odors and keep athletes and fans cheering on your school.

One of the largest benefits of NanoStrike™ air disinfection devices is their ability to eliminate the root cause of bad smells. By destroying the pathogens, molds and particles that cause foul odors, NanoStrike can transform gyms, arenas and training rooms into cleaner, more inviting spaces that help your school keep fans and events coming back.

Benefits for Athletic Facilities:

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