About Us

We are dedicated to making safe and healthy schools possible.

All children deserve to learn in places that are safe and healthy, while also nurturing their intellectual growth, social engagement and emotional well-being.

As a trusted partner to school districts around the country, Protect|ED takes this responsibility seriously and works to support schools that share its commitment to improving the air students, teachers and school leaders breathe every day. Protect|ED is a dedicated team of healthcare, education and manufacturing professionals, working to support and empower school communities. With a deep knowledge of air quality technology and the K-12 landscape, combined with expertise from respected health experts, Protect|ED serves as an extension of a district’s operations team, ensuring students are learning in a safe, healthy environment that supports their academic success.

Protect|ED is a national leader in air purification technology that is rooted in science and works to engage school districts daily to take a more deliberate approach in improving the quality of their air to decrease health risks.

Our Team

C.J. MacConnell
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Paige Aguilera
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Lindsey Haglage
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Julian Hardman MD
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Shonda Huery Hardman PhD
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Fay Y. Lin MD
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