Our children deserve clean air.

We’re on a mission to help schools provide safer, healthier environments for learning and play.

Get Cleaner Air In:

School air quality matters more than ever.

Student and Faculty

Health & Attendance

Diseases and allergens carried in poor quality air cause sickness and absenteeism.


Cognition & Attention

Contaminated air decreases students’ ability to focus and concentrate.



Frequent absences and lowered cognition affect test scores and overall performance.

NanoStrikeTM is scientifically-proven protection from unhealthy air.

NanoStrike is the medical-grade technology at the heart of the WellAir Protect900W. This portable, no-maintenance, whisper-quiet air disinfection system is providing noticeable air quality improvements in schools and classrooms across the U.S.

Eliminates & Protects Against:

Airborne Viruses



Mold & Spores

Odors & VOCs

School Districts Protected By NanoStrike

“The pandemic initiated a flood of communication from those representing air quality options, but NanoStrike™ was different. Not only was the technology more sophisticated (eliminates pathogens rather than trapping them), but it clearly provides a long-term, cost-effective solution to enhancing our air quality. Beyond that, the in-classroom installation coupled with an extremely quiet fan provides for the confidence of seeing the device work while providing no interruption to the classroom environment.”

Dr. Kevin C. Roberts, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools
Big Spring School District

About Protect|ED

Protect|ED is a team of healthcare, education and manufacturing professionals who have come together to support and empower K-12 school communities to provide safe and healthy learning environments. As a trusted partner to school districts around the country, Protect|ED works with those who share our commitment to improving the air students, teachers and school leaders breathe every day.