Why You Should Prioritize Indoor Air Quality This Back-to-School Season

By Lindsey Haglage, Vice President of Business Development for Protect|ED

As summer slowly comes to an end and back-to-school approaches, we find ourselves transitioning from countless outdoor adventures to spending more time indoors, where we know the air is 5-10 more contaminated.

While we prepare for the academic year ahead, it’s essential to not overlook the significance of indoor air quality. When clean air is compromised, students can experience difficulties concentrating which leads to reduced learning outcomes. Furthermore, poor air quality can exacerbate respiratory conditions, leading to increased absenteeism and impacting students’ overall educational experience.

Indoor air quality not only affects students, but also teachers and school staff. Poor air quality can cause discomfort and health issues among educators, hindering their ability to teach effectively. Conversely, a providing a healthy environment promotes productivity, job satisfaction and a positive atmosphere in the school community. 

As we transition from the hazy days of summer to the back-to-school season, clean air classrooms should be a top priority for any district. Thankfully, NanoStike™  provides the fresh, clean air students and staff deserve as they head back to school. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of installing NanoStrike™ in school buildings:

  • Advanced Nanotechnology: NanoStike™ uses cutting-edge technology to capture and neutralize airborne particles, including dust, pollen and harmful pollutants. This technology ensures the air remains clean and healthy, safeguarding students and teachers from respiratory irritants.
  • Active VOC Removal: In addition to particulate matter, NanoStike™ is highly efficient at eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from building materials, cleaning products and other sources. Clean and healthy air positively impacts students’ performance, teachers’ well-being, and the overall learning environment.
  • Compact and Portable Design: NanoStike™ units are compact, lightweight and easily portable, making them ideal for use in classrooms, dorms, offices and other indoor spaces. Its user-friendly features ensure easy installation and hassle-free operation for school staff and administrators.
  • Energy-Efficient Performance: With an eye towards sustainability, NanoStike™ is designed to consume minimal energy while delivering maximum air purification. It uses less energy than a standard lightbulb. 
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership: NanoStike™ boasts the lowest cost of ownership of any air purification technology in the market. With no maintenance required, schools can enjoy long-lasting, efficient performance without additional upkeep expenses. 

As the academic year begins, keep the health and well-being of students and educators top of mind. Learn more about NanoStike™ and how districts can create a healthy indoor environment that fosters learning, productivity and student success. 

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